Lady Lamb – After [album review]

by Woody on March 2, 2015


Lady Lamb, aka Aly Spaltro, might not be keeping bees any more but that hasn’t stopped her from putting out an absolutely stunning sophomore effort. Two years ago I became infatuated with her music from her debut, Ripely Pine. That infatuation was reinforced by a ripping show at Schubas.

On my review of Ripley Pine, I commented that Spaltro reminded me of Will Sheff of Okkervil River. Her voice can be as fragile as a china doll one verse and can bristle with rage on the next. Her tunes are not what you would call formulaic or straight-forward and that complex nature fits her voice like a glove.

The third track, Violet Clementine, opens up with Spaltro singing a capella before a banjo kicks in. The song bounces along as a tasty little folk track. Then a bass line drops and you know you’re going for a ride. So much shit is going on. Left is right. Right is left. But somehow it sounds like it all belongs. That encompasses the brilliance that is Lady Lamb. You never know what the fuck is coming next? Sounds and transitions you would never imagine pushing up next to each other are the norm. The envelope isn’t so much as pushed; as it is ripped open like a piñata.

Spaltro’s last line on the album is “I know where I come from.” The fun part will be seeing where she goes because right now the possibilities are endless.

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