Ryan Bingham – Fear and Saturday Night Review [album review]

by Woody on January 22, 2015


I didn’t know what to expect from Fear and Saturday Night when it was announced. Truth be told – his last effort, Tomorrowland, is probably the last Bingham record I reach for when I need a fix of the LA based artist. But upon hearing a 3 song advance way back in October, I was fairly convinced that Fear and Saturday Night would become the Bingham record I would be reaching for the most now, and years to come.

I have been listening to Fear and Saturday night so much since I got the advance copy that it feels as if it has been released for a year now. I almost feel a bit of a guilt that I have been enjoying it so much. Fear and Saturday Night reminds me of another HearYa favorite, Jason Isbell’s Southeastern and Strand of Oaks’ HEAL. Both of those albums are personal, cathartic and show the signs of coming out of a dark time.

For the writing process, Bingham holed himself up in an Airstream trailer in the LA mountains. From there he penned tracks to his unborn child, Broken Heart Tattoos; songs about redemption, Nobody Knows My Trouble and the mariachi tinged The Adventures of You and Me. Throughout every tune, Bingham’s lyrics and delivery flies in the face of the corporate country machine. Bingham could have easily built on his 2010 Oscar win for Thee Weary Kind and became a watered-down version of himself.

Instead, he formed his own record company, Bingham Anxster Records and has delivered the first great record of 2015. If you thought Southeastern was a truly phenomenal album, run don’t walk to pick up Fear and Saturday Night.

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