Ryley Walker announces Primrose Green – 3/31/15

by Woody on January 7, 2015


One of the things I look forward to at the end of the year, is Aquarium Drunkard’s year in review. The team over there know music as well as anyone. I typically find one or two gems in there that I had missed in the prior year. This year that gem was Ryley Walker. The fact that he was lumped in with Strand Of Oaks and a Songs: Ohia reissue got me all excited. Well, maybe Dead Oceans was reading as well as they just signed Ryley to their roster and announced his sophomore effort, Primrose Green. Here’s a quick blurb from the Dead Oceans announcement. The full text is here.

Ryley Walker is the reincarnation of the true True American guitar Guitar Player. That’s as much a testament to his roving, rambling ways, or as to the fact that his Guild D-35 guitar has endured a few stints in the pawnshop.

I am all in on this guy. I downloaded his debut, All Kinds Of You, after reading Drunkard’s piece and love it. The title track is all that and more.

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Ryley Walker is here

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