Joe Pug announces new album, Windfall, due on 3/10.

by Woody on January 6, 2015


What better way to start the new year than a new tune from HearYa fave, Joe Pug. If Still It Can’t Be Found is the first tune from Joe’s third LP, Windfall. Windfall will see be released by the fine folks at Lightning Rod Records and will be out this Spring. Long-time readers of HearYa know of our love of Joe’s music. Our very own, Stephen Shirk produced Joe’s first LP and we’ve done two HearYa sessions with Joe. Needless to say we’re looking forward to this one. Here’s some info from the PR.

The first single from the forthcoming release is the album-closing stunner, “If Still It Can’t Be Found” which features Pat Sansone of Wilco guesting on Mellotron and premiered on Rolling Stone Country. “I’ve known Joe for a couple of years now and have been able to see his powerful live show several times,” says Sansone. “Joe has the uncanny ability to write a song that feels like it’s been there always…and “If Still It Can’t Be Found” is one of those. I was really honored when he asked me to contribute to the recording of this truly beautiful and deeply soulful song.”

The agenda on Windfall was much simpler than previous albums. “The aim on this one was very straightforward. We wanted to capture the music just the way we play it, with minimal production. It was a very back to basics approach because ultimately that’s what I love about music, and that’s what I love about making music. I wanted to record these songs the way they were written and put them out in the world.”

The result is a collection of songs that are as close as we’ve gotten to a road map to Pug’s ambitions. He has collected plenty of the requisite Dylan comparisons over his young career but on this record it’s easier to hear the sway of more contemporary influences like Josh Ritter, Ryan Adams and M.Ward.

The theme of resilience plays a central role throughout Windfall. The weary protagonist in “Veteran Fighter” wills his way further down the highway despite the gloom that seems certain to overtake him. “The Measure”, a song inspired in part by Frederic Buechner’s novel Godric, marvels at “every inch of anguish, laid out side by side” but ultimately finds that “All we’ve lost is nothing to what we’ve found.”

“I never really write songs with a specific narrative in mind,” Pug explains. “When you’re sort of pushing through a dark period of your life it’s probably inevitable that some of that is going to find its way onto the page. But in the same way, by the time we were in the studio the process had become very effortless and joyful. And hopefully you can hear a lot of that on the record as well.”

Our sessions with Joe are here and here.

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Christian March 23, 2015 at 4:31 am


why is there no review? I thought you love Joe Pug.
I would love to read your opinion about this one, because I haven’t the chance to hear the whole album.

As a long fan of Joe Pug do you think this album is great like the the other two records of him?

I would be very happy about an answer.

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