Ryan Bingham annouces Fear And Saturday Night – 1/15/15

by Woody on October 28, 2014


Ryan Bingham is back with a new album. Fear and Saturday Night will be out on January 15th via Axster Bingham Records distributed by Thirty Tigers.

Facing down his past, including the deaths of his mother to alcohol and his father to suicide, resulted in the triumphant ‘Fear and Saturday Night. The 12 original songs on ‘Fear and Saturday Night’ were written by Bingham while isolated in the mountains of California. Secluded in an airstream trailer without distractions in the form of people, cell phones, even electricity, Bingham was alone with his thoughts and guitar, sitting still for the first time after a childhood spent moving around the Southwest and years touring the country, with performances everywhere from Fallon and Letterman to Good Morning America and The View. “It felt like I lived out of a cardboard box growing up until I was old enough to buy my own suitcase,” he says. “I was just running from everything.”

The lead track Broken Heart Tattoos stands amongst his best work. I’ve also been privy to two other tunes – Radio and Snow Falls In June. You need to get excited for this album. I’ve heard a quarter of the album and it is stellar.

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Ryan Bingham is here

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