Minor Characters, Live Session #124

by Shirk on October 14, 2014

Minor Characters Session Photo

I first learned about Minor Characters through friend and photographer, Chris Hershman, who’s talent behind the camera brought some of my favorite HearYa sessions to your eyes. When I first got in touch with Chris about shooting a live session for me sometime back in 2011, we decided that we better do a test run to work out the kinks.  I asked him to bring in a band that he thought was really talented and could benefit from having a live session video.  Enter Minor Characters who had just finished their first EP.  We setup, hit record and made this video.  Since then, I’ve spent a good deal of time with Minor Characters.  Not only are they creative individuals and talented musicians, but genuinely good people.

Over a year ago, they began production on their upcoming full length release, Voir Dire, with Beau Sorenson up at April Base Studios in Eau Claire, WI.  A few months later they asked me to get involved and help finish vocals as well as the tracking of one last song, “Berlin Wall”.  I was honored to be asked as I had become fan after seeing them live around Chicago many times.  Our sessions together were hard work but enjoyable and that time together in the trenches solidified our friendship.  I invited them to come in for a HearYa session down the road when the time was right.  So this past April, the band returned to SHIRK studios to track this session.  We had a great time working together again and it was enjoyable for me to hear these songs that we had previously recorded together, played all live right in front of me.

We decided to keep this session in the vault and share it as it got closer to the time at which the full length album would be released.  Well here we are.  Minor Characters is playing The Hideout in Chicago this Friday, October 17th, 2014 to celebrate the fruits of their labor and send their baby, Voir Dire, out into the world.  It’s a fantastic album that takes the listener on quite a journey without veering off course.  You can preview and purchase a few songs as well as pre-order the entire album here.  Here are some live cuts to give you a taste of what’s in store for Friday night at The Hideout in Chicago.

Exclusive: Minor Characters – Sparrow/Hollow

Exclusive: Minor Characters – A Lovely Reception

Exclusive: Minor Characters – Berlin Wall

Download Minor Characters Live Session as a zip file.

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