The Spider Bags – Frozen Letter (album review)

by Woody on August 5, 2014


Garagicana!!! (pat. pend) I just googled that word and it doesn’t exist. Even double-checked on Google’s whiny little brother, Bing, as well. Nope. Garagicana, the exquisite mix of Garage and Americana. Making up utterly useless words is what happens when the family is away and I sit around drinking cool ones listening to new music.

Frozen Letter is a sloppy, ramshackle, beautiful piece of Americana. We first met up with Spider Bags way back in 2007 during one of our early HearYa sessions. I loved A Celebration of Hunger with tracks likes Waking Up Drunk and So Long A Rope. Founding member Dan McGee has since trimmed the band into a tight trio and they make their way through eight tracks – blasting fuzz on some and ambling along on some.

The album starts off with a couple of tracks that remind me of the tremendous energy that Diamond Rugs brings with their shows in Back With You Again and Japanese Vacation. Both tunes clock in at under 3 minutes and remind you what makes rock and roll so fun. Then you hear a voice ask, “Are you ready? Are you ready Rocco (sp?)? It starts with a kiss man, from me to you.”

At that point things start getting a little weird, Chem Trails and their cover Summer of 79 continue the party. Then Coffin Car kicks in with a six minute aimless wander around, practically lulling you to sleep before finishing with a blast as the original Spider Bag, Dan McGee, howls, “tired over your love…” repeatedly as the band blares away. The Spider Bags then close out this beauty with a couple of 5 minute plus tracks We Got Problems and Eyes Of Death that tie a bow on this true testament to Garagicana.

I loved 2007’s Celebration of Hunger and 2012’s Shake My Head. I think I missed an album somewhere along the line. This is without a doubt their best effort. Little Steven should play this on repeat on his Sirius Garage rock station.

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Spider Bags – Back With You Again in the World from Merge Records on Vimeo.

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