The Men – Tomorrow’s Hits [album review]

by Woody on May 9, 2014


The Men put out albums at a furious pace. I believe Tomorrow’s Hits is their fourth full-length album. One of the earlier ones they put out was decidedly more hardcore-punk and despite lots of positive buzz, it didn’t really do that much more for me. So when Tomorrow’s Hits came out and starting generating buzz, I ignored it. Well, I heard a tune somewhere, downloaded it and now I love it. I love the prior effort, New Moon, as well.

So for those unfamiliar with The Men, Tomorrow’s Hits is a gnarly, dirty piece of barroom rock ‘n roll. And while the title of the album might suggest they are looking forward; they are indeed paying homage to rock of yesteryear. The album opens with the twang-infused Dark Waltz, a tune you could see McCauley, Cooley or Nichols penning. That’s followed by You Get What You Give which sounds like early solo Westerberg. Another Night gives off that Clash vibe when Joe Strummer was visiting his R&B roots; driven by the piano melody and given a solid punch by a horns section. On the track below, Pearly Gates; The Men pay homage to The Mats as they careen around hairpin turns barely hanging on to the tracks; which happens to be a piano riff that’s buried beneath all the madness. Its fucking brilliant stuff.

All in all, Tomorrow’s Hits have a lot of those ragged rock qualities that made me enjoy Diamond Rugs album so much. The devil-may-care attitude is only matched by The Men’s ability to write a tremendous song. I may be late to the party, but it is one helluva party and I plan on sticking around.

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