The Deep Dark Woods, Live Session #122

by Shirk on May 6, 2014


While working on the video edits, I came to the realization that this session with The Deep Dark Woods encapsulated everything I ever wanted out of a HearYa Live Session.

1) A great band with contemplative songs
2) Musicianship that delivers a performance that is not only a pleasure to record and listen to, but fun to watch.
3) A video production team that is willing to take chances during the session in hopes of elevating the production.

I feel like we got all three on this one and I couldn’t be happier that it’s on a session with The Deep Dark Woods, a band we’ve watched grow right along side us.  It’s always a pleasure to link up with these guys and make some recordings.  I can’t think of a more relaxed and humble group of individuals.  This line up features Clayton Linthicum on lead guitar.  I was a little saddened when I learned that Burke Barlow had left the band, but Clayton fills his shoes and then some.  He delivers loads of tasty guitar licks and a wicked tone.  It’s also nice to meet someone that can rock a real belt buckle too.  Well done, Clayton!  I could watch Geoff Hilhorst pound on the keys all day.  Seeing his mitts swat the Hammond organ is truly amazing.  Ryan Bolt’s deep, yet aching voice are a perfect match for his song craft, delivering the listener to a bygone time.  Lucas Goetz drumming is tasteful and steady, just what these songs need.  The way he and Chris Mason lock rhythmically feels somewhat unique, partially due to Chris’ muted bass technique.  I love it.  When working with other bands where the bass player is just playing boring whole notes or getting in the way with too much peddling, I’ll pull out some Deep Dark Woods cuts and say, “Listen to Chris.  This guy kills it!”  It’s been fun watching him develop his technique over the years and I was really excited when he chose to play my ’79 Fender Mustang Bass for this session instead of his own.  Be sure to catch them live on the west coast this month or up in Canada this summer.  Tour details can be found here.

A special thank you goes out to Chris Hershman and Shelby Pollard for their great video work on this session.  If you care to look back five years and see how The Deep Dark Woods and HearYa has grown, take a look at the previous sessions we’ve done together.  Session #55 and Session #82

Exclusive: The Deep Dark Woods – Introduction

Exclusive: The Deep Dark Woods – Miles and Miles

Exclusive: The Deep Dark Woods – A Voice Calling

Exclusive: The Deep Dark Woods – Shake Shake Mama (Dylan Cover)

Exclusive: The Deep Dark Woods – Red Red Rose

Download The Deep Dark Woods Live Session as a zip file.

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blackcrowe May 6, 2014 at 5:13 pm

The Deep Dark Woods are unreal. Beautiful lyrics, music, and great musicians. Thank you hear ya for recording them again.

ekorn May 6, 2014 at 7:18 pm

The DDWs and HearYa are a wicked combination! This session is so good that I have now finally forgiven HearYa for not having video of “Falling Down Blues” from session #82. Thanks so much for such a very fine job of giving me more of my favorite band.
I do miss the days, though, when a person could download the videos, too, from HearYa. I don’t have the greatest internet service.

Waterboy May 12, 2014 at 10:38 am

Wonderful set! Always a treat to have a session by the amazing Deep Dark Woods. Thank you very much.

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