The War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream [album review]

by Woody on March 25, 2014


By now, I am sure you’ve read countless reviews and hopefully spent some considerable time with this gem of an album. If not, go get it right now, I’ll wait. OK, welcome back.

From the minute I heard the lead track, Red Eyes, you knew you Lost In The Dream was the album where Adam Granduciel and company were going to take the leap to the next level. I’ve read a bunch of good pieces on him and this album; the best of the bunch were on Aquarium Drunkard and Stephen Hyden’s on Grantland.

With that in mind, I figured I would spare you from breaking down this album. As I said to their PR firm, you obviously don’t need my half-assed review to help the momentum on this album but I feel the need to pen something. And honestly, if one person reads this and is compelled to go listen to it – mission accomplished. This is one of those albums that you just want to shake strangers on the street and beg them to listen to.

But don’t listen while doing chores around the house. Hyden goes into detail on the long and arduous creative process that led to Lost In The Dream. Anything less than your full attention and you’re doing the band and yourself a disservice. While the minutiae might have brought Granduciel to the breaking point, its that minutiae that makes it such an amazing listen. And its not just all of us dipshit bloggers getting weak in the knees. There have been hordes of musicians chiming in on Twitter. Patterson Hood tweeted, “I’m in love with this album. Highly recommended.”

After hearing the lead track, Red Eyes, I tweeted that I wanted to take this song out for a romantic dinner, take it home and try to get frisky with it. Upon countless spins, this album is marrying material. Some albums might come and go but Lost In The Dream is one that will be a cornerstone in my collection for years to come. Simply put, it is just that fucking good.

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The War On Drugs is here.

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MyMusic April 3, 2014 at 12:09 pm

Had the privilege of seeing these guys play this record in NYC and the show was incredible. ‘Lost in the Dream’ is by far one of the most beautiful and cohesive pieces of music 2014 will bring to those willing to listen. There’s so much going on but you never feel overwhelmed by it. After a few listens, you can pick up everything this record is throwing down. 5 stars indeed!

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