Nick Waterhouse – Holly [album review]

by Woody on March 20, 2014


I watch a lot of soccer. At home, at the office, at bars; you name it. It is hands down my favorite sport. Sometimes during a game, a player can unleash a thunderbolt of a shot making him an instant hero. Truth be told, it can be a great player or a decidedly average player who just caught lightning in a bottle. Either way, it is amazing and captures the eyes of even those who scoff at soccer. Then there is the player who spends 90 minutes using his guile, experience and God-given abilities to carve out space, spray passes around and generally dictate the pace of the game. While not noticed by the casual fan, true fans of the beautiful sport marvel at how they just ooze class with every touch of the ball.

What does that have to do with Nick Waterhouse’s sophomore effort? Nick’s debut album, Time’s All Gone, was almost like that thunderbolt goal. With tunes like Say I Wanna Know and Is That Clear, combined with his live shows; Waterhouse came on like a house on fire. But could he follow up with a solid follow-up? My answer is yes and the beauty in the album is that it oozes class in such subtle fashion.

Waterhouse is an avid fan of music from a time past. His social media makes it inherently clear that this isn’t some passing fancy for Waterhouse, where he tries to tap into a fad. Seeing him referenced in an article about that assclown, Robin Thicke, made any purist cringe. Waterhouse is a true student of the game and his love of 60s R&B and Soul show throughout the album. That not only permeates in the songwriting but in the production as well. Waterhouse knows his away around the knobs as evident of his work with the Allah-Lahs. And on top of all that, he’s an ace with the guitar.

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Waterhouse can be found here.

Nick Waterhouse “This is a Game” from Aram Stith on Vimeo.

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Brian March 21, 2014 at 12:49 pm

I’m been listening to his music pretty steadily lately. Agreed – he seems like the real deal.

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