Boogarins – Erre (music video) SXSW Act

by Woody on March 5, 2014


Was very stoked to see these guys were playing at SXSW. I was a little late to the game on their album, As Plantas Que Curam. Once saw them referred to as the Brazilian Tame Impala and that is an apt description. I’ll be front and center at one of their sets trying to sing in Portuguese after a handful of Lone Stars. Look for me. Here’s the lowdown on the band.

Fernando Almeida and Benke Ferraz met in high school in the central Brazilian city of Goiânia, far from the thriving cultural metropolises of São Paulo and Rio, yet nevertheless in the shadow of the icons of their homeland’s great musical heritage — not bossa nova and samba, however, but psychedelic pop. Still in their late teens, the music they make together, recorded on borrowed gear and with self-taught technology in their parents’ basements, shares the spirit and soul of Tropicalismo, but it has also blossomed in the light of the current international DIY underground. Almeida is the poet and singer, Ferraz is the multi-instrumentalist and gear-head, and together, as Boogarins, they write songs that reach beyond their years and any restrictions of geography or genre: timeless pop untethered from categorizations.

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Boogarins are here. Follow them and brush up on your Portuguese.

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John March 14, 2014 at 3:07 pm

Great sound/cool band. Other than the trippy light show in the Erre video and general psyche tendencies, I’m not sure I get the Tame Impala comparison, but these guys are kind of way cooler, so good on them.

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