Yellow Ostrich – Cosmos [album review]

by Woody on February 26, 2014


In the lead up to Yellow Ostrich’s album, lead singer Alex Schaaf immersed himself in the studies of Carl Sagan and Frank Drake. During this time, drummer Michael Tapper spend countless hours looking at the stars on a sail from Mexico to Hawaii. I’d also have a guess that the boys listened to Local Natives during that time. Whatever the cause, Yellow Ostrich takes a lovely leap forward on Cosmos. The melodies hold more purpose and with that, my attention. The songs have wonderful sonic textures throughout, combining electronic elements with your traditional rock instruments. And lastly, Shaaf’s vocals are improved throughout the album.

All that comes from someone who really enjoyed their first two efforts. The punchy 90s indie guitar that made those efforts so enjoyable are still a central point but combined with the new flourishes, Cosmos is their best effort yet. Neon Fists is a delicate track with some nice harmonies. The crunchy guitars are eschewed for some delicate plucking and it comes off as a fantastic track. How Do You Do It is my favorite tune on the album. A song full of questions that you ask yourself while staring at the stars. You can imagine Schaaf coming up with the lyrics looking through a telescope. The swelling chorus is a treat and this should be a tasty number live.

So many other highlights throughout the album. Its always nice when bands you dig take a big ol’ leap forward. Gets you all excited to see them live and see what they’re going to pull off in the future. Based on this, the sky’s the limit for Yellow Ostrich.

Our full session with Yellow Ostrich is here.

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