Horse Thief – Fear In Bliss out on 4/15/14: SXSW Act

by Woody on February 25, 2014


Horse Thief is a 5-piece, originally from Denton, TX. After relocating to Oklahoma City to attend school, they got picked up by The Flaming Lips management team. They are getting ready to release their debut, Fear In Bliss, on Bella Union Records and hit SXSW.

The PR machine had the following to say about Fear In Bliss: The over-arching theme to Fear In Bliss is “finding yourself and what you believe in, and finding the comfort in acknowledging fear. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression which comes out a lot on the new album. But when everything gets rough, I think there’s always a way to fix it. The biggest thing for me is to give comfort to people, to shed light on the truth that someone is feeling the same way as them.”.

I am digging these guys and looking forward to catching a set at SXSW. The last time I got all smitten with a band from OK was Other Lives. That seemed to work out OK (pun intended bitches!!!)

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Horse Thief is here

Our sessions with Other Lives are here & here.

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Brian February 28, 2014 at 12:01 pm

Wasn’t so sure at first, but these dudes are definitely growing on me. Gonna try to catch them in Austin

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