Blessed Feathers – Order Of The Arrow [album review]

by Woody on January 11, 2014


Blessed Feathers are a folk duo out of Wisconsin consisting of Donivan Berube & Jacquelyn Beaupre. They’ve got a great backstory about Donivan falling for Jacquelyn that really got some more publicity after a stint on NPR about albums that slipped through the cracks. The segment picked up some extra play due to Berube leaving the Jehovah’s Witness and you can find out greater details here.

While the backstory is quite interesting, we are a high-powered unprofitable music blog. Thus the music needs to be up to our high standards. We’ve always had not making a profit in common in NPR, we now have another thing in common with NPR. Order of the Arrow slipped through HearYa’s cracks as well. It is a delightful album made by two people that are completely dedicated to each other. They are essentially gypsies as they have no home and are living on the road. Donivan’s very articulate response can be found on their website.

Their music reminds has elements of Cotton Jones as most of the tracks wash over you. It is nice when they give you a little jolt and step away from the pastoral folk thing. They roughen up the edges with a couple of cool tracks in Leedo Ceedo and Hey! Mother Nature.

So hopefully many new people check them out because of their NPR music. And hopefully many more stick around due to their excellent music.

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Blessed Feathers are here.

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Gumbrinus January 16, 2014 at 11:20 am

Another great album from these wonderful folks, who are as kind and real as they are entertaining. One of the best “opening acts” I encountered in 2013. Looking forward to seeing them as headliners in 2014 … and beyond.

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