Queens of the Stone Age – ..Like Clockwork [sort of an album review]

by Woody on December 2, 2013


I dismissed this album when it came out as I hadn’t really dug their last effort and I was busy with some other stuff. My buddy Mike told me to give it a few spins and then get back to him. Seemed like the least I could do for a pal. Well, thankfully I did as Like Clockwork is one of my favorite albums of 2013. There was a great article by Sasha Frere-Jones in The New Yorker about the band moving back to the independent label scene (Matador) after 10 years of slugging it out on the major labels (Interscope). I’d link to it but you need to be a subscriber to read it. Its worth hunting down.

…Like Clockwork is one of those albums that makes liking hard rock fun for me. I find most of the stuff that comes down the pipeline doesn’t really strike me as anything different. …Like Clockwork is so varied and creative; it is the best hard rock album I can remember in some time. Check out the video below for an hour plus concert at KCRW.

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Mike December 3, 2013 at 1:28 pm

Hey Woody: thanks for posting this. Funny, I had a pretty similar experience with the record, in that I spun it once, thought it was decent, then came back to it six months later and decided it was my album of the year by miles.

Been trying to get my friends to check it out, but seems like it really requires the time for repeated listens before it catches fire for people.

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