White Denim – Corsicana Lemonade [album review]

by Woody on November 18, 2013


Being in White Denim must be so much fun if you are a musician. The willingness to experiment is fantastic. There is probably shit that you’ll never hear that is fantastic. Probably also some stuff that sucks ass. But without constantly playing around with tones, mics, tempo, etc.; White Denim would cease to be White Denim.

Corsicana Lemonade finds back at their best blending many facets of classic rock, garage and soul. As a band, they are bizarrely tight. A few weeks ago, Shirk and I saw them and I was fascinated that Steve (bass) and Josh (drums) barely looked at each other as they led the band on a ride that was full of hairpin turns.

While it still has its unhinged moments, Corsicana Lemonade feels a little more restrained and focused. And that is meant as a compliment. The band seems to have found their groove and is able to push the limits without getting lost. Hanging with a guy like Jeff Tweedy who’s made a living of doing just that seems to have rubbed of in just the right way.

Enjoy this album but make it a point to see them live. There simply are not many bands as fun to watch live.

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White Denim is here.

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