Wolf People – Fain [album review]

by Woody on October 21, 2013


I have reviewed Wolf People a few times before and pleaded with the British quartet to do grace the shores of the US of A. So when they released Fain back in April, I played hard-to-get and didn’t review it. Well it seems to have worked as they are at Lincoln Hall tonight opening up for Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Fain continues Wolf People’s vision of playing a blend of prog-rock and British folk. The flute is liberally worked in throughout the album which again has you reaching for the Jethro Tull reference playbook. While it isn’t hard to figure out what the boys listened to in their formative years, it is nice to hear them putting their own spin on the music.Like previous efforts, most of the tunes clock in at the 5 minute range or better with some intros lasting a minute for Jack Sharp gets around to the vocals. The second track, All Returns, has a great intro that builds slowly and then launches into some wicked guitar work. Like most of their other tunes, it has more twists and turns than a David Lynch movie.

I am stoked to finally see these guys. If they aren’t wearing big old floppy hats from the 70s I am going to be pissed.

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Wolf People are here.

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