Jonathan Wilson – Fanfare [album review]

by Woody on October 15, 2013

Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson is some sort of musical savant. I don’t know how else to describe a man who just always seems to know just the right touch to elevate a song. You can take the easy way out and label him as some sort of 70s Laurel Canyon throwback but that would doing the musician and producer a disservice. I listen to his ability to effortlessly provide the most elegant touches to his music and can only he wowed on every listen.

For those not familiar with Wilson, his 2011 release Gentle Spirit was discovered belatedly by HearYa. His production of many of HearYa’s favorite artists has made him a favorite around here. On top of knocking out Fanfare, he also was the producer of Deep Dark Woods excellent release, Jubilee (review forthcoming). And when music luminaries such as David Crosby, Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, Chris Robinson and Gary Louris grace your album, you know dealing with some

There is so much to write about on this album that I could systematically breakdown each song but I don’t want rob of you of the joy of discovering them on your own.

Fazon – Back around the early 90s, Branford Marsalis played with the Dead at Nassau Coliseum. I was lucky enough to have been there. The way that two towering forces of music were able to combine their musical styles was mesmerizing. This tune reminds of Jerry and Branford trading licks in Eyes Of The World.

Love to Love – As I aged, I have become more appreciative of Jackson Browne. A few months ago, I sat around with friends blasting through his tunes for a couple of hours. Love to Love would slip into that mix without missing a beat.

Cecil Taylor – It must have been a real honor for Wilson to have Crosby & Nash help out on this tune. I would like to imagine Crosby & Nash were equally honored to have been asked. A real gem that Wilson gets just right.

Fanfare is an all you can eat buffet of most every musical style I love. Every time I listen to his work, I gorge myself to point of excess and then find myself coming back for more.

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Jonathan Wilson can be found here.

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