Promised Land Sound – s/t debut

by Woody on September 20, 2013


Promised Land Sound are a four-piece out of Nashville that evolved from the garage rock scene that spawned Pujol and JEFF the Brotherhood. Transitioning into a more twangy inspired sound came over time. Lead singer, Sean Thompson said, “It takes time to learn who you are creatively before you can really start writing your own music. At least for me.”

Also consisting of brothers, Joey & Evan Scala and Ricardo Alessio, the self-titled debut is out on Paradise of Bachelors label; the same label that gave us the Hiss Golden Messenger’s phenomenal Haw. It would be easy to say this music is derivative and unoriginal because it is so heavily influenced by acts like Gram Parsons, The Band and the Honky Tonk version of The Stones. But I would say bullshit to that. Much like HearYa favorite, The Deep Dark Woods, Promised Land Sound is able to put their stamp on a brand of music that has given us so much joy and make it their own.

This is accomplished by quality songwriting, excellent work in the studio and some top-notch playing. At every turn the songs come off as fresh and inventive. The two songs below are indicative of the quality that you get throughout. Fadin’ Fast is a wonderfully sad country classic complete with mournful slide guitar. Empty Vase shows off some Big Star style chops in a tight pop-influenced tune.

This is one of my favorite debuts of 2013 and I can’t wait to see them live. As for Paradise of Bachelors, they are firmly on our radar as a label that is consistently putting out quality.

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Promised Land Sound can be found here.

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