The Spineriders – Hello Future Tinglies

by Woody on September 17, 2013


This year we lost a tremendous musician in Jason Molina. The outpouring of grief was overwhelming. Will Johnson wrote a letter on Centro-Matic’s Facebook page that was heartbreaking. For those that want to read it, it is dated March 21st. Water Liars played Just Be Simple when they visited us for a session and later that night at a show. My favorite tribute was The Avett Brothers doing Hammer Down in a Dublin dressing room which gets me every single time.

Misra Records is doing a pretty awesome thing. They are releasing a limited run of a cassette from Jason’s High School band in late 80s. You can pick it up here .With the approval of the Molina family, all proceeds will benefit the Musician’s Emergency Medical Association. Here is some info on the cassette.

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, Jason Molina played bass and sang backup vocals in The Spineriders — a Lorain, OH punk band attending nearby Admiral King High School. On August 27th, Misra is releasing their 1991 recording Hello Future Tinglies. Our aim in unearthing Hello Future Tinglies is to provide an invaluable window into the life, circumstances and experiences of a young Northeast Ohio native whose extraordinary gifts would grow, take form and awaken the world in innumerable ways.

Great artists rarely uncover their muse overnight. Inevitably, it is the summation of their life experience. Before Molina was known as a beautiful, heart-wrenching songwriter and the chilling voice of Magnolia Electric Co. and Songs: Ohia, he was an angst ridden teenage bass player. The Spineriders provide the context within which one of independent music’s most beloved artists was born.

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