Roadkill Ghost Choir, Live Session #117

by Shirk on September 10, 2013


We first saw Roadkill Ghost Choir this spring at Front Gate Tickets’ SXSW Morning After Party.  As they ripped through their set, their performance of “Tarot Youth” really caught my attention.  Andrew Shepard’s voice has this hint of a Petty or Dylan nasal character to it. As he climbs into the chorus of “Tarot Youth”, he eases out of that and into his falsetto.  It’s the perfect contrast…the perfect release.  Follow that with some drippy, reverb-laden pedal steal and I’m hooked.  The song Beggars’ Guild got Oz on board.  (I think that banjo lick might still be his ringtone)  So needless to say, we became fans.

We were excited to get them in for a session as they toured through Chicago this past May with HearYa session alumni, Dead Confederate.    The guys plowed through “Tarot Youth”, “Devout” and “Beggars’ Guild”, then dropped a new song on us called “Down and Out”.  The new song features some lush pedal steal lines, ambient guitars and electric pianos backed by a relentless driving rhythm.  I’m not sure if this tune is planned for release on their next album or if it’s just something they’ve worked out on the road.  Either way, we’re happy to be able to share something new with you.  Hope you enjoy the session.  Roadkill Ghost Choir will be back on the road this October for a fall tour.  Check the dates here.


Exclusive: Roadkill Ghost Choir – Introduction

Exclusive: Roadkill Ghost Choir – Tarot Youth

Exclusive: Roadkill Ghost Choir – Devout

Exclusive: Roadkill Ghost Choir – Beggars’ Guild

Exclusive: Roadkill Ghost Choir  – Down And Out *** New Song ***

Download the Roadkill Ghost Choir Live Session as a zip file.


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Woody September 13, 2013 at 10:21 am

First off, I love that these are in black and white. Seems to fit the music. Second, I think these guys are just scratching the surface. They’ve got loads of talent and write some creative tunes. Really looking forward to see what they do moving forward.

Buzz Hughes September 19, 2013 at 2:38 pm

thats a real band right there…

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