Typhoon – White Lighter [album review]

by Woody on August 19, 2013


I can juggle two balls like a genius. I can sometimes keep three up for a little bit. What Typhoon is trying to do is juggling a dozen or so balls while lit on fire. That I can’t do.

For those not familiar with Typhoon, they are 11 or 12 strong and make grandiose folk music by blending traditional rock instruments with a horn section, string section, two drummers, etc. The string section will come off as delicate as a china doll while the guitar is fuzzed out with distortion on the same song. Drums crash in shattering the delicate nature while the horns will be barely noticeable, holding the song up on one tune; only to see the reverse happen one tune later.

This is the Portland outfit’s second full length LP. While the first LP and the follow up EP was great, you could only wonder if they could continue to create music that resonated or if they would become a novelty act, more known for their sheer size. With so many moving pieces, things could go wrong in so many different ways. Fronted by Kyle Morton and his lyrics, White Lighter is absolutely mesmerizing.

In listening to Morton’s lyrics, it feels as if you are reading someone’s journal after they have passed. Love lost, opportunities missed, possibility of regrets. The fact that Morton escaped a serious illness permeates throughout the album. Arrangements vascillate between somber and bouncy on the same song, always finding a way to a massive finish – almost saying that no matter what life throws at you, push forward and you will be stonger for the challenge.

They are hitting the road this fall in support of White Lighter. I had the pleasure of catching them at Austin’s Central Presbyterian Church and it was an epic experience.

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