The Moondoggies – Adios I’m A Ghost [album review]

by Woody on August 12, 2013


There are a lot of things I love about The Moondoggies. But the thing that ties all those things in a bow is there ability to completely deconstruct a song and build it up again in a manner that sounds completely different altogether. Their songs can be chugging along just fine with some nice harmonies that sound like they just popped out of Laurel Canyon and next thing you know, the song grinds to a halt, takes a left and a tasty jam emerges. And while the unpredictability is fun and always enjoyable, its their knack for making it sound cohesive both on individual songs and the album as a whole that separates them from so many other bands out there today.

Songs routinely stretch out over 5 minutes. About 3 minutes into Midnight Owl, the song just breaks down and rebuilds upon a repetitious 3 or 4 note riff as the rest of the band slowly fills in around it. Just as you think it is about to take off, they put the brakes on, cock tease you for a few seconds and then deliver a phenomenal outro. That tune just gets better with every listen.

The last full song, Don’t Ask Why, has some meaty organ that kicks the song in the high-gear. That leads into a kicking guitar solo and then the song breaks down as the band builds furiously around the chorus of “I can see a lot better right now.” The song picks up as Kevin Murphy does a call and response with the rest of the band answering in harmony. It is a flat-out brilliant tune if you enjoy rock and roll.

I am an unabashed proponent of these guys. More people should be listening to them because frankly, there are plenty of shitty bands getting more exposure than them that couldn’t even dream of writing songs like these, let alone perform them. Run, don’t walk to get this one. And get the other LPs Don’t Be A Stranger and Tidelands while you’re at it.

Our HearYa session can be found here. You can stream the whole album at Paste. Then spend some money and go buy it.

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