Hey Marseilles – Lines We Trace [album review]

by Woody on July 30, 2013


We first got Lines We Trace back around January and March. I spun it a few times before SXSW but never really connected with it. It was OK but it didn’t really hold my attention. Once the Lolla lineup came out and I saw they were on it, I paid Hey Marseille a second visit on a rainy morning. I don’t know if it was the pitter patter of the rain mixed with the orchestral pop that struck a nerve that morning or something else, but I came away with a much greater appreciation of the band that morning.

The Seattle “folkestra” is fronted by lead vocalist Matt Bishop who’s voice lends a great quality to the arrangements. At first the songs sound like I should be wearing a cardigan and drinking a latte in the AM. But as I began to integrate Lines We Trace into the rest of my day, even subbing my cup of coffee for a cold one, I was more and more struck by the beauty of this album.

They are playing in the leafy, shady BMI stage on Friday at 5:40. Even if it isn’t raining, I’m sure you will enjoy it plenty. You can lie down and let the sounds wash over you. Then you can get up, walk over to the Bud Light stage and have QOTSA kick your ass.

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