Houndmouth – From The Hills Below … [album review]

by Woody on July 29, 2013


This is the first year that I am sitting out Lollapalooza. But there is one band that I had to make a point of catching while in town. That band is Houndmounth. Didn’t hurt that they were playing an after-party with one of my favorite bands – Heartless Bastards. Since I last saw Houndmouth at SXSW, they’ve been on quite the roll – lots of great press, touring with great bands and lots of late night TV.

Its not hard to figure out why. Houndmouth combine the boy/girl vocals and catchy hooks of a band like Head & The Heart with the twangy story-telling of a band like Drive-by Truckers; with a tip of the cap to The Band. Its the hooks that suck you in as it is impossible not to get caught in the swell of tunes like On The Road, Krampus and Ludlow. But the quartet can spin quite the yarn and that’s what elevates them in my opinion.

Katie Toupin’s tale of the girl doing what needs to be done in Casino (Bad Things) sounds like a tale out of a Hunter S. Thompson novel.

Poker chips, chains & whips
they got me wearing red lipstick
and I can’t trust no man of mine
to watch the door while I do my lines
Yeah, they got me doing bad things

Matt Meyers invites you down to pay him a visit in Penitentiary after ‘the law came crashing down on me.’ Toupin takes the lead for the required tune about life on the rails with Houston Train.

They are playing the BMI stage at 3:20 on Friday and that night at the City Winery. Go check them out. You won’t be sorry.

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