T. Hardy Morris – The Audition Tapes out on July 30th

by Woody on June 19, 2013

Fresh off of releasing the excellent In The Marrow for his day job fronting Dead Confederate. T. Hardy Morris is getting ready to release his solo debut, The Audition Tapes on July 30th.

The album has a decidedly different sounds from Dead Confederate, but one that Morris sounds equally as comfortable with. His time spent with John McCauley and crew for Diamond Rugs seems to have really paid dividends. Here is some more info from the PR firm on a cool project that Morris is doing. One of the videos can be found below.

After Morris was finished writing and recording the songs on Audition Tapes, an album steeped in nostalgia, he became inspired by The Georgia Trust’s annual “Places In Peril” list – which seeks to identify and preserve historic sites threatened by demolition and neglect. Morris and filmmaker and photographer Jason Thrasher traveled to 10 historic sites throughout Georgia to film live performance videos of each song found on the Audition Tapes. Over the coming weeks T. Hardy Morris will release additional takeaway videos to draw attention to the Places in Peril list as we approach the July 30th release of his full-length album

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