Spectrals – Sob Story [album review]

by Woody on June 12, 2013


Coming out of England, the Yorkshire area to be specific, Spectrals is the brainchild of Louis Jones. Sob Story is his second effort after the well-received debut Bad Penny. Earlier on, Jones did it all on his own but he now has his brother Will on drums as well as enlisting a rotating cast of touring members.

Another key addition was that Jones enlisted JR White to handle the knobs and buttons behind the board. White has plenty of influence on the sound as both the arrangements and Jones’ voice share similarities to White’s more well-known band, the Bay area outfit, Girls.

Mixed in with the retro guitar sound, Spectrals introduces some twang elements that don’t sound out of place with Jones’ croon. Sob Story also shows off Jones’ love of Elvis Costello, whom Jones’ refers to as “that’s my guy.” There’s some real gems here in Milky Way, Karaoke and A Heartbeat Behind.

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