Dead Confederate – In The Marrow [album review]

by Woody on May 6, 2013

We’ve always maintained a positive approach here at HearYa. If we didn’t like, we just didn’t review it. But to give the full context behind this review, a little negativity must seep in. You see, I, along with everybody here at HearYa loved Dead Confederate’s self-titled EP and their debut LP, Wrecking Ball. Wrecking ball was a heavy tense affair that never gave you a minute to breath.

But their follow up, Sugar, really left me wanting. So with that in mind, my expectations for In The Mirror were moderate at best. My hopes were pinned to Hardy’s great work with Diamond Rugs and a solo set I had seen at a Deer Tick show. The first single, Vacations, sunk the hook in my mouth.

But it was the first track off of In The Marros, Slow Poison, that hauled me back on the boat. It had all the marks of what had drawn me to the band in the first place. A tense guitar lick courtesy of Walker Howle, dark brooding lyrics through Morris and a thumping rhythm section; all stretched out over seven minutes.

The album ends with a nice trio showing some growth and different approaches. Dead Poetry is fuzzy rocker that points the wheels forward and doesn’t veer. Big City Life reminds me of Big Country from Diamond Rugs album with its pedal steel. And the album wraps up with the ballad Winter Hours.

This is a great album, and at least for me, a strong return to form for the Athens bases quintet. They are touring with another fantastic band in Roadkill Ghost Choir in what is a must-see show.

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yasmine modestine May 8, 2013 at 3:55 pm

i didn’t know then thank you for the discovery interesting sound. Yasmine

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