Spirit Family Reunion – No Separation [album review]

by Woody on May 1, 2013


This past SXSW, Spirit Family Reunion was on my must-see list. A couple of nice pieces and videos had piqued my interest. Thus, I wasted no time in catching them on Tuesday night at the Newport Folk party on Rainey Street. To say, they met my expectations is like saying my kids like going out for ice cream.

I tweeted that night, “Spirit Family Reunion” is a real hootenanny. I don’t know exactly what that means but it sure seems to capture the band’s performance. Spirit Family Reunion is a six-piece ensemble, including Mat Davidson from The Low Anthem. Their set was full of the passion of so many great Americana acts. It is some hybrid of folk, bluegrass and roots that bristles with energy. There were times during the set that I felt like the whole shitshow was going to come off the rails but while they have been going 100 MPH, they remained a well-oiled machine.

A couple of days later, I was gushing to Oz about their set and he said we got a review copy of No Separation a while back. Thus I am righting the wrong of not reviewing this album and omitting it from 2012’s best. Since I have gotten my hands on it, it has been on steady rotation. The entire album has this raw and genuine feel to it. It kind of sounds like they all stood under one of those giant RCA mics, pressed record and just went to town. If you are a fan of Springsteen’s The Seeger Sessions, this should put you in a good place.

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