Brown Bird – Fits of Reason [album review]

by Woody on April 2, 2013


Sometimes when you hear a band is going to be altering their sound you get nervous. Why are they messing with things? Their last album was amazing you say to anyone that will listen. Then there are bands that are so flush with talent, you just assume that it will work out and sound pretty awesome. The latter is how I felt when I heard that Brown Bird were using electric guitar and electric bass along with experimenting with elements of Middle Eastern music, metal and psych-rock for their follow up to Salt for Salt.

As you listen to Fits of Reason, you get the feeling that David and MorganEve are well read individuals. The lyrics are of an intelligent nature and well beyond me trying to explain here. For example, on their website they quote Thomas Paine. I don’t think I have thought about him since high school. I would love to sit with them and discuss how each song came to be. Most likely, I would just nod as they broke down some philosophical angle that led to a song but as with their albums, I would find the conservation highly fascinating.

But for all the ambitious compositions and literal references, the songs are elevated by Lamb and Swain’s voices. Their voices work in concert and sound like they were made for each other. On songs such as Barren Lakes and Wayward Daughter, their voices challenge each other, prodding for the upper hand in parts and sounding as one in others. Its quite dynamic, with each song having a different feeling to it.

I used to label Brown Bird as a folk band with a bit of a dark side but they are so much than that. Fits of Reason shows a band taking some chances and having them bear fruit. I caught these guys for a short set in Austin last year and it spoke volumes. Check these guys out and go see them live.

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Band Bandung April 8, 2013 at 4:59 pm

Awesome, I saw weaken this album cover. Not only covers being awesome, the song was inspired and made ​​me want to make something like this work. May the music in our country is growing someday, musical greetings 🙂

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