Henry Wagons – “Expecting Company?” [album review] SXSW

by Woody on February 28, 2013


Any time you see something referencing some Aussie that sounds like Johnny Cash singing duets with Alison Mosshart of The Dead Weather & The Kills, you have to check that shit out. Am I right? It sounded logical to me at the time and I am glad I did.

Henry Wagons is the namesake of Australian band, The Wagons that have been around for a decade or so. His lyrics are dark, macabre and fantastical and probably have much to do with his obsession with all things Cormac McCarthy. His deep baritone will remind you of Johnny Cash and the best way to describe music is Calexico’s evil cousin with its spaghetti western influences.

Only the closer, Marylou Two lacks someone helping Wagons with the vocals. I don’t know how that will translate in a live setting, but I am intrigued enough to see him live in SXSW. This EP gives off the impression that his live show will go off the rails and totally stand out in Austin.

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