Night Beds – Country Sleep [album review]

by Woody on February 4, 2013


You must have supreme confidence in your skill to start off your debut album with an a capella track that will have you reaching for your Jeff Buckley comparison notebook. The second track, Ramona, will immediately remind you of Ryan Adams’ best moments. Two tracks in and my scribbled notes read 1. Buckley and 2. Adams – Heartbreaker.

Night Beds is 23 y/o Winston Yellen who hasn’t had the most traditional path to a debut LP on one of the best labels in Dead Oceans. In the last 5 years or so, he has dropped out of school, self-released 3 rudimentary EPs, bounced around from state to state living out of his hatchback. Taking out a loan, Yellen rented an out-of-town, pre-civil war home in the woods that was previously owned by the late Johnny Cash and June Carter.

From there, Country Sleep was born and if you are a fan of Americana music, that home in the woods just got a tad bit more important. This will be one of the best debuts you hear in 2013. One that stands on its own as timeless piece of music; but also one that says that Winston and Night Beds have greatness in their future.

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