He’s My Brother She’s My Sister – Nobody Dances In This Town

by Woody on January 14, 2013

Apparently He’s My Brother She’s My Sister wasn’t playing … In This Town, because if they were, people would be shaking their asses. Bucking irony, the band actually features real live siblings – Robert & Rachel Kolar. Rounded out by full-body percussion by Lauren Brown, stand-up bass by Oliver Newell and lap slide by Aaron Robinson, HMBSMS are a mish-mosh of Americana, gypsy folk and vaudevillian side-show act. The fact that they are talented and the Kolars voices sound so good together make their Park The Vinyl debut so god damn fun to listen to.

Tales That I Tell finds Rachel taking the lead working a sultry voice over the rockabilly beats and Robinson’s slide. Looking back at a life full of booze and debauchery as a new clarity enters the protagonist’s life, Rachel’s vocals aptly befit as the hellraiser she once was. A couple tunes later is the rabble-rousing Let’s Go. The guitar licks are straight out of a honky-tonk and the Kolars vocals can do nothing but lift you off your ass and get you moving.

They are about to do a run of shows on the West Coast. Based on the videos I have seen, you have to imagine that their live shows are something to behold. I am holding my breath for an appearance down at SXSW.

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gino50 January 20, 2013 at 7:23 pm

Well, you can breath again…. HMBSMS are confirmed to play at SXSW 2013…. now get your ticket and keep breathing my friend… 🙂

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