Phosphorscent – Song For Zula {mp3}

by Woody on December 10, 2012

Matthew Houck is the man behind Phosphorescent. Like EELS, you never quite know what his new release will bring. I remember when Oz and I discussed his release of all Willie Nelson covers. I was convinced it was going to be horrible. It was stunning. Followed up by an amazing trip into Americana with Here’s To Taking It Easy left Houck with a tough act to follow.

For his new release, Muchacho, due out on March 13th via the fine folks at Dead Oceans – Houck “reprises the understated melancholia and sensuous minimalism of Pride, while kicking up a little of Here’s To Taking It Easy’s dust, but it also strikes out into more adventurous waters via rhythm and electronic textures.”

You can stream the first track below. It is mesmerizing and I can’t wait to get my paws on the whole album.

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mores December 11, 2012 at 11:50 pm

If the rest of the album lives up to this song then the album will be among the best of the year. I admist I could never get into Aww Come Aww Wry. But a few songs on Pride took me to a steady, comfortable but rich landscape (Wolves, Cocaine Lights) . Then Here’s To Taking It Easy came out of nowhere as an amazing driving/sunset album (“sunset” referring to the imagery it imparts into the listener), if not breathtaking lyrically. If Phosphorescent can capture the tone of Here’s To Taking It Easy with the poignancy of Pride…holy shit.

c January 9, 2013 at 5:20 am

Are you mad? Aw Come is amazing. As is Pride. Here’s to Taking it Easy didn’t hit me as hard, but I remain open to the possibility 🙂 I even loved the Willie Nelson covers album. I’m really looking forward to this new one. Love the song, too.

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