Langhorne Slim & The Law- The Way Me Move [album review]

by Woody on November 12, 2012

HearYa took last week off so I figured that we would jump back into things with an album that we neglected earlier in the year; Langhorne Slim & The Law’s The Way We Move. Langhorne’s backing band has now got a formal name, The Law – and with that, I found The Way Me Move to be Langhorne’s strongest release.

I felt their last effort, Be Set Free was geared a little too much towards being radio-ready. And while it was still good, it had lost a little bit of the edge and grit that made the prior efforts so strong, especially the self-titled release in 2008.

The Way Me Move is built around the same subjects that Langhorne (Sean Scolnick) has centered his prior efforts around – love, lost lost, breakups and it is every bit as personal as his prior albums. The third tune, Fire, is about losing the spark in a relationship. But instead of making the song a weepy, whiny affair, Fire is centered around a jaunty piano that uses horns to give it a massive kick in the pants. Absolutely brilliant.

Further along in the album comes the deeply personal Song For Sid, a tune about Scolnick’s late grandfather. It starts off stripped down and slowly builds with the chorus of ‘Where do the great ones go when they’re gone?’ The tune is a tearjerker. The lyrics, “I love that old man. I wrote him this song” gets me every time.

If you ever seen them live, you can attest that Langhorne is a bigger-than-life presence on stage. I mentioned earlier, you could easily shape Langhorne’s songs to be some radio-ready trifle, but thankfully that is not the case here. The album was produced by Kenny Siegal and Langhorne Slim & The Law at Old Soul Studios in Catskill, NY; and they did an amazing job of capturing the live spirit of their shows, which is no easy task. The video below of the title track shows the audience hopping on stage and that is quite common at their shows.

Langhorne had this to say about The Way We Move, “My goal for this record was to create something that we could stand by and be proud of for the rest of of our lives. To make music that is real, raw and beautiful.” Mission accomplished.

Langhorne Slim and The Law “Song For Sid” Live at KDHX 6/8/12 by KDHX

Langhorne Slim and The Law “Salvation” Live at KDHX 6/8/12 by KDHX

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Kevin November 12, 2012 at 6:47 pm

THEE BEST Album of 2012, Hands Down.
Lord Huron at #2, but at a distance…
Slim’s is the best of the year…

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