Lindsay Fuller, Live Session #104

by oz on July 2, 2012

Words I use to describe Lindsay Fuller’s debut album You, Anniversary: Aching. Heartbreaking. Devastating. Haunting. Beautiful.

The album is paradoxical with dark subject matter enveloped in a sound that is warm and inviting, like Gillian Welch singing passages from Edgar Allen Poe. If you’re unfamiliar with Lindsay Fuller, I’d urge you not to listen until you’re free from distractions and ready to pay careful attention to her lyrics. Like other great songwriters, her verses could be set into pages of a book and stand on their own as poetry. “Everything I Ever Had” is the lead track on the album:

Lost my mind when I met you.
Spent a night just feeling sick.
Wrapped in a blanket on the floor wishing I’d die.
Die before I gave you everything I ever had.
You’d no idea the spell you spoke.
When you would greet me every morn.
I’d chew my lips to bloody pulp so lost for words.
The kind of words that make one like you come back for more.
All bets were off when I met you
My junkie heart was shot right through
Cupid bought a shotgun
If I step off this stage I’ll hang
If I stay on it I will burn
Some folks can’t help but build a bomb or leave a wake
A wake of all the poison you’ve been pumping through my veins.
I’m gonna love you ’til I die.
Which might be sooner than you think
I’ll follow you to somewhere steep and be so sure
That the wings you’ve given me are strong enough for me to fly
All bets were off when I met you
My junkie heart was shot right through
Cupid bought a shotgun.

Lindsay’s sound is distinctive, pulling from her Alabama bible-belt upbringing, but confronting themes like religion and death with refreshing candor. Her vocals are natural in a way that may take you back at first, but  they weave in perfectly with her lyrics and music. Her voice feels fragile, but there’s a quiet intensity burning underneath, revealing itself in powerful moments like the 3:40 mark in “Sound of Regret” (found below).

I saw an interview with Katy Perry on Good Morning America over breakfast today. I thought to myself how Lindsay Fuller is the anti-Katy Perry. How her words are far more interesting than anything mainstream America craves on radio and television. I thought about how sad that is and how much more interesting society (and my breakfast) would be if Robin Roberts sat down with Lindsay Fuller. At least we’d benefit from something honest, originating from a place of authenticity. But I suppose that’s why we’re here, you and me. Guys like us that do this for no other reason than to evangelize music and readers like you that share the same passion for something authentic.

Most people shy away discussing the topics that Lindsay tackles in earnest, but this session has hit me at an appropriate time. Just last week I sat with my uncle on his deathbed for two hours and there wasn’t a word of small talk. This is a brilliant man who seemed fine eight weeks ago, but was just recently diagnosed with cancer in his brain and then throughout his body. We talked about religion, spirituality, family, lost love, regret, fleeting hope, acceptance, the indignity of these final days, and the journey from this place. Conversations I wish I’d had with him years ago, but now this same dialogue is ongoing in my family. It’s dialogue rarely had between humans, but found on the surface in Lindsay’s music.

Although not appropriate at the next cocktail party, these are topics that should be a part of our lives so that the inevitable makes more sense – so that we keep life in better perspective and suck more enjoyment out of the now.  Lindsay Fuller is paradoxical because, if you’re paying attention, these dark themes are not depressing. In fact, at least for me, her words have an opposite effect. The songs are uplifting. Shit, artists like Lindsay Fuller may just be one of the secrets to enlightenment.

You’ll find the songs below on her debut album, but make sure to check out You, Anniversary in its totality. Jeff Fielder accompanies Lindsay on guitar. I’d comment on Shirk’s incredible audio production and filming at the hands of Yuriy Chernin, but you’ll taste that when you play the tracks.

Lindsay Fuller Session Introduction

Exclusive: Lindsay Fuller – Sound of Regret

Exclusive: Lindsay Fuller – Everything I Ever Had

Exclusive: Lindsay Fuller – Martin Lake

Exclusive: Lindsay Fuller – One More Song

Download the Lindsay Fuller live session as a zip file.

Lindsay Fuller – Everything I Ever Had from on Vimeo.

Linday Fuller – Sound of Regret from on Vimeo.


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Woody July 2, 2012 at 3:01 pm

I have to admit I wasn’t completely sold on her after spinning one or two tracks. But this is really good – both in terms of the songs and production. Color me a fan as I am loving this now.

Buzzman3535 July 3, 2012 at 11:01 am

anyone else feel like its the electric guitar is holding this one together? I think that guy is the one with the talent.

SHIRK July 3, 2012 at 11:13 am

JBuzzman3535 – Jeff is a great player and he certainly elevates this performance. But to say he “holds it together” seems a little harsh, in my opinion. I think these songs and Lindsay’s voice would hold up just fine on their own. There are tens of thousands of great guitar players out there and pretty much everyone of them knows they are useless without good songs. That’s why they team up with good songwriters…like Lindsay Fuller.

Buzzman3535 July 3, 2012 at 2:48 pm

i don’t know Shirk. Without that guitarist I am thinking this doesnt’ get me up off my chair. I like it as a whole, but I feel like the guitarist is the reason.

I felt like that about the joe pug live session too. Very similar added guitar that I thought was some very nice icing on the cake.

But the difference is for me that I would listen to pug without the added guitar.

I would really like to see what other work this guy has done. He has a great tone coming out of that instrument and I feel like he could really jam with another band too.

emseyb July 14, 2012 at 12:59 pm

Agree with Shirk here that you may be harsh here, Buzzman. I’ve never been able to figure out why the solid performance of a sideman somehow diminishes the talent of the lead. What would icing be without any cake?

Ben Hemming July 20, 2012 at 6:45 pm

Loving this simple yet beautiful sound, love her american twang ‘Sound of Regret’ top track.
P.S. love this site great place for new music!

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