The Henry Clay People – Twenty-Five For The Rest of Our Lives [Album Review]

by Woody on June 22, 2012

Something about hearing Joey Siara’s voice straining over giant hooks by his brother Andy just puts a smile on my face. I can’t put my finger on it. In some ways, the lyrics music shouldn’t connect with my old, tired ass. But as Joey Siara describes the album, I realize that I may still have some teenage angst in me: “We wanted to finally make the record that our 16-year old selves would have been excited about. Unfortunately the only way to do so was to live for the last 13 years and get some adult suffering under our belt. Now we can direct our misguided teenage angst at our failed 20s.”

In many ways, this should be blaring from the high school kid’s house next door while I spin some Dead bootlegs and play some old Johnny Cash, but goddamn, it does make me feel alive. I told Oz, “listening to the new Henry Clay was like getting an electric shock to my balls,” and I meant it as a compliment. As you hit your 40s, it’s easy to get complacent but cranking HCP the other night while grilling burgers made me feel like the dirtbag that I really am.

Like their first two albums, Twenty-Five For The Rest of Our Lives is full of sweeping, steering wheel-banging, chorus scream-along anthems. On this effort, however, it as a more rambunctious feel than their first effort on TBD Records, Somewhere On The Golden Coast. As Siara conveys in his comment above, they are comfortable in who they are and in their sound. And that means channeling their influences – The Mats, Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement, amongst others.

I greeted this release with very little excitement as I thought I might have outgrown them. But after a couple of spins, I decried, “Fuck it!” and cranked it up loud and haven’t stopped listening. I suggest you do the same.

HearYa Live Session can be found here.

Henry Clay People – 25 For the Rest of Our Lives by tbd records

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Quintilian B. Nasty June 22, 2012 at 3:01 pm

Thanks for this review. I was unaware HCP had a new album forthcoming.

RhaDoona June 25, 2012 at 9:45 pm

Once a dirtbag, always a dirtbag, Woodman. Glad to hear you still celebrate your roots.

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