Lighthouse and the Whaler will drop adventurous new album on 9/18 [new mp3]

by Woody on June 18, 2012

Clevelands’ Lighthouse and the Whaler will release This Is An Adventure on September 18th. Below is the lead track, Venice. It is damn catchy and reminds this mediocre writer of Local Natives. Says their PR people:

Produced by Ryan Hadlock (The Lumineers & Ra, Ra, Riot), “This Is An Adventure” was recorded in a refurbished barn at Bear Creek Studios in Seattle, WA. Despite most of the album being written in Cleveland, OH the band was extremely meticulous in the studio, which brought the whole album together. “We really thought about every part and how it would affect the way the song comes together,” says singer Michael LoPresti. “We spent hours in the studio trying to get each part to have this radiating feeling and energy.” The end result is a versatile album that brilliantly shows off the bands strength as both musicians and songwriters.

“This album is about making your life an adventure and each song on the record has its own part in that,” LoPresti says while talking about the album’s ideology. “The idea of an adventure -it’s ups and downs, and the emotional complexity played a huge role in how we crafted the album. We believe in embracing the life you have, and we poured that sentiment into the record. Hopefully the music creates an atmosphere for someone else’s adventure to begin.”

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