Kalispell – Westbound [Album Review]

by Woody on June 5, 2012

Do you like The Low Anthem? We do too. That’s why this debut LP from Eau Claire’s Kalispell has been in steady rotation for the last month plus. The thing I have always loved about The Low Anthem is the ability to use silence and space to get the most out of their music. Kalispell has that same ability, but with an extra helping of twang – something that always makes the HearYa folk smile.

On Marion, MT the word emerge ever so slowly from Leonard as he opens up his soul. The song has generous helpings of fiddle to give it a kick in the middle as the pump organ provides the backdrop. The lyrics are excellent.

all the way your river winds
I can’t trace the lines
it’ll be some time before I find you
I’ll float along beside you

oh brother, how true, how true
can your time find its use?
there’s a fall coming soon, won’t you mind it?
swallow the stream you can’t swim

The lyrics in the second track, Methodist Lift, are also stellar. Buoyed by a tasty banjo riff, Leonard sings:

church taught me how to hold a grudge
my brother taught me how to let it go
he learned from his father
we learn from our father
isn’t that the way that this is supposed to go?

The music is meticulous in its arrangement, placing every note it’s perfect place, but it feels effortless and natural. Take it for a test drive below and then go to their Bandcamp page and slap down some $ for it.

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