Hanni El Khatib – Will The Guns Come Out [Album Review + Chicago Ticket Giveaway]

by Woody on April 12, 2012

Lately I have become enamored with Nick Waterhouse and that led me to his label, Innovative Leisure, and their website. From there, I poked around and found Hanni El Khatib and a gem that was released last year – Will The Guns Come Out.

Hanni is first generation of Filipino and Palestinian parents. And as you can tell by listening to his music, he grew up on a steady diet of music from the 50s and 60s. His music is stripped down, raw and edgy; reminiscent of early Black Keys and The White Stripes. Over the course of the album, El Khatib dabbles in Garage, acoustic folk and some doo-wop.

There is some music that just has ‘balls’ to it and El Khatib fits the bill. The track that is probably blaring in some dorm room right now is “Fuck It You Win.” It’s a loud vindictive opus to an ex. The guitar is beefy as hell and El Khatib’s vocals are dripping with disdain. It should be an anthem for anyone who’s ever been fucked over by a significant other. An aside – dancing around the kitchen with your kids to this song is not advisable when your wife walks in the door.

“You Rascal You” is another gem. El Khatib channels his inner Jack White circa White Blood Cells in covering a Louis Armstrong tune. Buoyed by a crunching guitar riff as opposed to a trumpet, it sucks you in immediately. The video below is from a French TV show where a French singer, Raphael, mixes in his vocals. It’s pretty bad ass.

His acoustic cover of “Heartbreak Hotel” is genius. El Kahtib slows it down and does The King proud. His delivery is spot on. Dan Auerbach will be producing his next album and I am eagerly awaiting that collaboration.

El Khatib will be at The Empty Bottle on April 18. His label, Innovative Leisure was nice enough to offer up a set of tickets. Email us at freeshit@hearya.com for a chance to win.

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