Deer Tick’s Main Street video, dodging exploding fireworks.

by oz on December 5, 2011

Rock n’ Roll meets Jack Ass on Deer Tick’s video for “Main Street.” One fart and the band would have gone up in smoke.

Woody recently caught them in Chicago and had this to say:

This video is almost as crazy as their live show. The Chicago show saw beers and cocktails flying, a possible McCauley dong-sighting (we were standing in back but someone said he was playing his guitar with his dong), guys on other guys shoulders, a faux makeout session between McCauley and Ian O’Neill and an encore that had more people on stage than the end of The Last Waltz. They also found time to mix in covers from John Prine, Nirvana, The Mats and a rocking cover of “Leroy Brown.” It was either one of the more surreal shows I have seen or I am getting old.

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