Company – Holy City [Album Review]

by Woody on November 2, 2011

I don’t even know how Holy City ended up on my iPod. And for that matter, I don’t know why I chose to listen to a band that I never heard of. I think I must have scrolled too far past Christina Aguilera.

Company come to us from South Carolina and are pretty damn good. They play catchy tunes and the lead singer sounds like a less polished like James Mercer. If I had to describe them (and frankly I always feel the need to), I’d say lo-fi Shins w/ flecks of Americana. So in doing a modicum of research on Company, I have learned a few things.

  1. They opened up for fellow South Carolinians, South Carolinans, South Caroliners (a little help here) Band of Horses on a recent tour.
  2. Their EP was released on Fat Possum. This LP was put out on Brooklyn label Exit Stencil.
  3. Apparently, they go by Co.

If you think the description above would lead to some sugary lyrics, you couldn’t be more wrong. They have a couple of titles that would make Tipper Gore’s toes curl up in her sensible shoes – “Heaven Is Gone” and “Ridin’ With The Devil.” “Waiting for Saints to Arrive” is a rocking lo-fi number about doing a crapload of drugs and waiting for the end. The opening lyrics are:

Scraping the resin of my pipe
with a knife
taking the edge off life
all night
finding two bottle of wine
stars and stripes
waiting for saints to arrive

It’s always great to find a hidden gem, especially when it sneaks its way into your iPod. Co. has been one of my most pleasant surprises of the year.

Company – Waiting For Saints To Arrive

Company – Heaven Is Gone

Company – The Departed

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Buzzman3535 November 2, 2011 at 2:57 pm

Cool Album Cover.

Statues make great cover art…Sunny Day Real Estate anyone?

Album art is so under appreciated now in the digital era. Thank God, I bumped into Vinyl a few years back. I can’t believe I could have ever enjoyed my music as much when it was just a text placeholder.

There really is something to holding some art and reading liner notes when your listening to some tunes.

Like for Example, just picked up Pink Floyd’s Animals LP. Not really a huge Floyd fan, but shit man if i had just downloaded it, I would not have realized it was such a freaking dark and intense record. You just lose so much using an ipod.

Anyway, thats my soapbox moment of the Day. I feel better, I’m going to the taco truck.

brian sanders November 8, 2011 at 2:13 pm

I recently saw this band Company open up for the great Felice Bros. at the cozy Pour House – my favorite venue here in my hometown of Charleston, SC. Not having heard of Co. prior, I was pleasantly surprised by this new local discovery.

You mention their relation to fellow charlestonians Band of Horses, and funny to say that that night at the pour house, BoH frontman Ben Bridwell and drummer Creighton Barrett were both there in the crowd enjoying (& cheering on) Co’s opening set (yet i don’t recall them sticking around for Felice Bros).

I agree with your comparison to the singing of James Mercer in Company’s studio recordings, but I recall my impression of Co. live that night as almost imitating Ben Bridwell’s sound, but it may’ve been more the fact that Ben was standing right in front of me. At one point of Company’s most Horse-like crooning, i noticed Ben & Creighton chuckling to each other about something, and i can’t help but think it was the flattery of imitation!

Thanks for sharing new tunes from our holy city of Charleston! I must also recommend you check out fellow charlestonians Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent (aka Shovels & Rope)!

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