The Devil Makes Three – Stomp and Smash: Live at The Mystic Theatre

by Woody on October 25, 2011

Have you ever had a buddy tell you, (insert band name) is great, but you really need to see them live? You roll your eyes and call him (insert derogative name) and move on with your day. Well, get ready because that’s the message I am about to deliver to you.

There are a number of bands rolling around the country these days that get people worked up, but I have yet to see one who whips the crowd into a raucous frenzy like The Devil Makes Three. As I mentioned back when we had them in for a session, they are a band to be truly appreciated on the stage. I have seen them a few times and people literally lose their rag when they see them live. The crowd is a hodge-podge of America – Young, old, punks/deadheads, hipsters/normal people, greasers/soc’s, rich/poor, etc., etc.

So after their fantastic third effort, Do Wrong Right, the Bay Area trio thought they would deliver a taste of themselves playing in their most comfortable element – the stage. The album opens with one of their strongest tunes, “For Good Again.” And while sometimes, the crowd noise can feel forced on a live album, for anyone who’s seen DM3, the whoops and hollers feel natural.

Following up with “Statesboro Blues,” I can almost feel the crowd stomping to the furious banjo picking, not to mention the orgasmic screams that some young lass provides throughout the tune. Crowd-favorite “Old Number 7,” complete with some rad fiddle playing is smack dab in the middle of the collection.

They mix in songs from all three albums and also a couple of fresh ones (at least to me). While this album is a must-own and one of my favorites of the year, it doesn’t even come close to seeing them live. I urge, nay I plead with you to drag your ass out to see these guys. If you don’t like the show, HearYa will reimburse you for your ticket (ed. note – We’re not doing that).

The album is out today via Milan Records. They are touring now, so visit their site for tour dates.

The Devil Makes Three – “This Life” (from STOMP & SMASH – live album) by dm3milanrecord

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