She Keeps Bees – Dig On [Album Review]

by Woody on October 20, 2011

Since we’ve been blogging about music, I’ve discovered new bands in all sorts of unique ways. This one might take the cake. I was coaching my kid’s kindergarten baseball team and mentioned to the other coach that I was going to go to Schubas that night. It turned out that his brother-in-law and his girlfriend were playing that night as the opening act.

I had planned on being all nice, telling them that they were great no matter what they sounded like. To my surprise, it took one verse to realize that my honesty wouldn’t be compromised. She Keeps Bees is a two piece, Jessica Larrabee on guitar and vocals and Andy Laplant handles the drums, and they play a slow-burning type of blues. While Cat Power is the easy comparison for Larrabee’s vocals, I was immediately reminded of Erika Wennerstrom of The Heartless Bastards. She’s full of vocal confidence whether she’s firing out bluesy rockers or smokey ballads.

It’s a real treat when she fits both into the same tune such as “See Me” which smolders as Laplant keeps a basic beat with the bass, cymbal and a side of snare. I don’t know if it is autobiographical or not, but it’s pretty powerful when Larrabee is screaming out, “I’m still your daughter!” at the tune’s conclusion.

She Keeps Bees are a treat to see live. I’ve seen them twice and they bring a great stage presence each time, whether at Schubas in Chicago or a record store in Austin.

2. She Keeps Bees – Saturn Return by wepromised

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Mishkin October 21, 2011 at 4:59 am

Ahhh She Keeps Bees are incredible. I only recently discovered them too! Not to be confused with See of Beas who are also fab if you get a chance to check them out too…

Iacopo October 24, 2011 at 10:44 am

Here is a little video we made about them few months back
They are just amazing !

Enjoy 🙂

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