Pepper Rabbit – Red Velvet Snowball [Album Review]

by Woody on October 11, 2011

Pepper Rabbit are back with another unique collection of pop-based tunes on their sophomore effort, Red Velvet Snowball. Pepper Rabbit are comprised of Luc Laurent on percussion and Xander Singh on vocals and a wide array of instruments that he taught himself via YouTube videos. Amongst these are the ukulele, a bunch of horns and some old-school synths.

While the songs are full of layers and overdubs, at the core of each tune is a catchy melody. I’m sure a good deal of the experimentation is due to Singh sitting in front a computer with a foreign instrument. Tinkering with sounds and figuring out how to incorporate them into a song. I’ve never met Singh or Laurent, other than a two minute conversation in Austin, but I would imagine a few of the tunes on Red Velvet Snowball have some happy accidents as Singh was exploring sounds on his new toys.

Far from my standard fare of music, I somehow find myself drawn to both their releases. Their music is haunting at times and at other times, truly peaceful. Bands that combine lush textures, layers and elements of electronica usually lose track of the basic element of songwriting. This duo keeps their eye on the prize while broadening my horizons.

The three song stretch of Rose Mary Stretch, Allison and The Annexation of Puerto Rico is wondrous in its diversity. The guys put on a great show and are worth checking out.
Rose Mary Stretch by Pepper Rabbit

Murder Room by Pepper Rabbit

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NoteNoted October 14, 2011 at 3:41 pm

Quite the synth setup in the video. Nice and fresh – I haven’t seen it before. Thanks for the find I’m going to share on my music blog .

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