Girls – Father Son Holy Ghost

by Woody on October 5, 2011

I don’t know what it is about these guys but I don’t want to like them. I always thought they were a little overhyped. I also think there is an air of histperness about them which bugged me for some reason. I thought their debut aptly titled Album was quite good but people were gushing over it like they just recreated The White Album. So with every subsequent release, I find myself ready to pounce and call them a bunch of assclowns and overrated.

But I continue to be disappointed. Their EP last year was a gem and better than their debut. Now they have a proper LP follow up to Album and it is downright excellent. The songs sound so familiar but yet fresh. Maybe being locked in a cult for his youth and and subsequently inhaling rock music like I inhale free beer at SxSW caused bandleader Christopher Owens to blend all these new styles as one.

Just A Song is a plaintive number that starts off with acoustic guitar and ends with Owens singing “Love, Love, Love, its just a song, Love, love, love. come along” as a flute gingerly accompanies him. It could come off as hokey but Owens nails it.

Honey Bunny is pop perfection. That is about as catchy a tune as you’re going to get this year. Owens crooning about the ladies not digging him because of his bony body and dirty hair. It just seeps into your brain and you’ll find yourself singing the chorus at some weird times.

And the closing tune Vomit is outstanding. It has an epic quality to it and Owens plays the guitar like he is trying to squeeze every ounce of life out of it; the guitar squealing and wheezing through a haze of feedback and fuzz. Four minutes he breaks it down for the big finish; complete with chorus and sweeping organs. Absolutely brilliant.

So I am ready to put aside my pre-conceieved notions and just enjoy Girls for what they are; a band that puts alot of thought and effort into cranking out phenomenal pop tunes. Each release shows growth and the willingness to try new things; without losing sight of what makes them truly special. Great lyrics and unique musical flourishes make them a band that has staked its place on the American musical landscape as one of the most important bands moving forward. Hopefully they don’t disappoint me now that I am no board.

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