The Middle East – Jesus Came To My Birthday Party [Music Video]

by Woody on August 17, 2011

My kids took me to play putt-putt on my birthday in 100 degree heat. It was so fucking hot, I thought I saw Jesus. But I think I was just having a flashback or going through menopause or something.

Anyway, the now-defunct Aussie band called The Middle East has just put out this video for “Jesus Came To My Birthday Party.” I am pretty pissed off at them for closing up shop as their latest album is phenomenal. And while I typically don’t like videos that make me think, I have forgiven them on the grounds that there is a hot girl in the video – sort of like I did for every Motley Crue video.

If you clicked the link to the Crue video, you’ll see that the symmetry between these two videos is uncanny.

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Shirk August 17, 2011 at 11:40 am

I only know this band through occasionally landing on it in shuffle mode. After watching this video and listening to the track, I’m now making a better effort to listen to the whole album. Everything I was landing on was sleepy and so I assumed that’s what this band was all about. Love these fuzzed out DI’d guitars. Curse shuffle mode.

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