The Lighthouse and The Whaler [Album Review]

by Woody on July 7, 2011

The Lighthouse and The Whaler might be the best thing to come out of Cleveland since Major League. SafariMan, our resident Cleveland expert, had a great comment right after we first received the album: “These guys just went Blind Pilot on me.”

In their initial email to us, they said they were often compared to Fleet Foxes. I think I forwarded it to Oz and joked that I am often compared to Brad Pitt. I’ll admit that while I liked the album at first, I didn’t really hear the comparison on the first few spins. And then I didn’t listen to it for a month. Coming back to it, I started hearing it more and more. It’s subtle, but there are points in different songs where a hook or the harmonies make the Fleet Foxes comparison valid.

On the track below, “Under Mountain, Under Ground, it’s the percussion that propels the song forward. It starts with a lone mandolin and soon, lead singer Michael LoPresti enters the fray and the music comes to a halt leaving just LoPresti alone to sing before a bouncing piano pushes the tune forward. It’s right at the minute mark and subtly reminded me of Robyn and crew. The first verse is as follows:

I love to hold you up
Against the raging tide
I love to hold you up
Until the end of time

I’ll wait for ya here you’ve come to say
Come back to me I’ll find you there
Oh clouds undecided don’t you stray
your stacked up till the end of day

I’m not here to say that The Lighthouse and The Whaler are the next Fleet Foxes. For one, I wouldn’t want to put that pressure on them. But I think if you enjoy Fleet Foxes, you’ll probably enjoy this debut from a band that shows tremendous promise. These guys just landed the money necessary to record a second album so expect to hear from them in the future.

The Lighthouse and The Whaler – Under Mountain, Under Ground

Video: The Lighthouse and The Whaler – White Days

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John Patrick July 9, 2011 at 9:30 am

lee croucher

excellent new country album. dynamic and simplistic. Share this:

Ryan Young July 13, 2011 at 6:18 pm

More to come soon! The guys are currently on their way to Seattle to record a new album at Bear Creek Studios with producer Ryan Hadlock. Check out their tumblr for more info.

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