The David Wax Museum – Everything Is Saved [Album Review]

by Woody on May 13, 2011

I’m a fan of The David Wax Museum’s previous two efforts, Carpenter Bird and I Turned Off Thinking About, but their latest release, Everything Is Saved has sealed the deal for me. The album blends American folk with traditional Mexican music, which is no small challenge. There were moments of sheer brilliance on the first two efforts – “There Was a Bridge” and “The Persimmon Tree” are two that jump to mind – but the peaks on those albums also had some valleys. There are no valleys on Everything Is Saved. It’s a tremendous album that finds the band in great form throughout.

The core of the Museum is its namesake, David Wax. His travels across Mexico and passion for the country’s folk music inspired the band. In addition to the stellar writing on this album, Wax’s vocals have never sounded better. His cohort, Suz Slezak, also takes a more prominent role singing harmony or trading off verses on nearly every song. Their voices blend together in a way that is both natural and captivating.

The album is shot out of a cannon (or as much of a cannon that an Indie-folk band can muster) with “Born With A Broken Heart.” It’s an upbeat Paul Simon-inspired number with horns, accordions and more percussion than you can shake a stick at. “Look What You’ve Done To Me” is a gorgeous tune. Wax and Slezak really deliver the goods on this sparse acoustic number with the perfect amount of texture – enough to keep you hanging on every word, but not so much to draw attention away from the subtleties in their vocals.

“Night Was A Car” and “The Least I Can Do” are other standouts before the closing tune, “Wait For Me.” It is the perfect song to close one of the best breakout albums of 2011.

The David Wax Museum – Born With A Broken Heart

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Billy Shaw May 13, 2011 at 5:16 pm

I pre-ordered this album from the band’s website. The CD arrived about a month before the official release with a hand written letter from David thanking me for the support and saying they hoped to make it down south for some shows in 2011. Pretty f’ing nice

Ari May 18, 2011 at 2:33 pm

I love this album. Wait for Me is sublime.

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